The Company...

The value in having a clear vision of the path ahead coupled with rigorous goal-setting criteria is crucial in business--any business. But the concept and personal awareness of our legacy is something I feel can be the jewel in the crown of how we live our lives and approach the opportunities we choose to undertake.

How high will we set the bar?

What will we leave behind?

Today, the Wilkinson Family of Companies is diverse in nature, performing much more than just real estate transactions and fund administration. Wilkinson subsidiaries--made up of hundreds of dedicated employees all across the nation--provide the finest, most diligent property management services in America. Our people range from national and regional administrative professionals and local property managers and maintenance staff at Wilkinson Asset Management... to one of the nations' leading senior care and housing operators, offering impassioned service to elder residents through Good Neighbor Care. But it wasn't always that way.

In the early 1990s, I summoned up the courage and approached my first potential investor with a story and an opportunity. I shared my vision, my goals--and, to some degree, who I was as a person. I laid out the entire plan, but at that point I had not yet anticipated this element of legacy.

I hadn't yet conceived of one of the most important fundamentals in my overall business strategy. It would take years to begin to realize the full and lasting effects of my chosen profession.

Real estate can bring tremendous opportunity. It is an industry fraught with risk, yet can offer great and wonderful rewards. Prior to this fateful meeting I had taken every possible step to reduce potential liabilities and increase the very real possibility of financial gains. I was passionate and confident about the path I had selected.

Over time, I have become more and more aware of the potential impact of Wilkinson Corporation's legacy. As the entire family of companies continues to grow and become more and more diverse, my passion and confidence grow right along with it... and the power and eminence of the legacy we leave has become a significant driving force for the future of our company.

Along with our traditional real estate opportunities, we have gone on to add senior housing and operations, property management and commercial development to our scope of business. We are enhancing and improving lives and we carry an incredible responsibility to be a positive force for literally thousands of employees, residents and tenants, and our financial partners.

As for that first investor so many years ago, he's still with us and has been involved in nearly every partnership we've ever assembled. He's seen apartment buildings go from C-grade and failing at acquisition--to top-quality, 100%-occupied complexes whose surrounding communities take great pride in. The same goes for our industrial and office buildings--and in the last few years he's seen our senior housing interests transform and grow into one of the leading senior living and care providers in the United States.

Personally, I have grown over the years with regard to what I believe is possible. I've watched Wilkinson Corporation transform into an incredible team of professionals doing amazing things on a national and global scale... all from rural America. And it started with a clear vision, aggressive goals, tenacious ability, and a continuing realization that our legacy will exhibit the values we hold, and will remain for generations to come.

Russ Wilkinson Russell L. Wilkinson,
Chairman & Founder,
Wilkinson Corporation